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  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor

Single-phase Asynchronous Motor

  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor

Aluminum Single-phase Asynchronous Motor

Encased within a robust aluminum housing, this motor is engineered to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. 
Equipped with an IP55 protection class, this motor offers comprehensive protection against dust ingress and water jets, making it suitable for use in diverse industrial settings. The inclusion of the ICO141 cooling method further enhances its reliability by efficiently regulating temperature levels during operation. 
Flexibility is a key feature of the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor, thanks to its compatibility with multiple installation methods such as IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, and others. This versatility allows enterprises to integrate the motor seamlessly into various equipment configurations, optimizing space utilization and system efficiency. Moreover, with certifications including CCC and CE, this motor meets stringent international standards, providing assurance of quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Enterprises stand to benefit from the enhanced performance and operational efficiency offered by this motor. Its advanced design and use of high-quality materials translate into superior functionality, contributing to increased productivity and reduced downtime. Additionally, the motor's low noise and vibration levels create a conducive work environment, promoting employee comfort and productivity.
The Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor finds applications across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automation, HVAC, and agriculture. Whether powering small machinery in manufacturing plants, facilitating automation in industrial processes, supporting climate control systems, or driving agricultural equipment, this motor proves to be a versatile and reliable solution for diverse enterprise needs.
technical specification Mounting Dimensions FAQ Company History
Frequency: 50/60Hz
AC Voltage: 220V/110-240V
Ambient temperature: -15°C≤0≤40°C
Altitude: not exceeding 1000m
Housing: Aluminium
Protection class: IP55
Insulation class:F
Cooling method:ICO141
Installation method: IMB3/IMB5/IMB35/other
Working System: S1
Certification: CCC, CE

YY Series (DO2 Series) Performance Parameter Table
Models Output power (W) Voltage (v) Speed (rpm) Power consumption (W) Rated current {A)
YY-5012 25 220 2800 63 0.33
YY-5022 40 220 2800 83 0.42
YY-5014 16 220 1400 49 0.28
YY-5024 25 220 1400 66 0.36
YY-5612 60 220 2800 113 0.57
YY-5622 90 220 2800 161 0.81
YY-5614 40 220 1400 89 0.49
YY-5624 60 220 1400 120 0.64
YY-6312 120 220 2800 190 0.91
YY-6322 180 220 2800 269 1.29
YY-6314 90 220 1400 1760 0.94
YY-6324 120 220 1400 218 1.17
YY-6334 180 220 1400 305 1.6
YY-7112 250 220 2800 362 1.73
YY-7122 370 220 2800 545 2.30
YY-7114 180 220 1400 305 1.58
YY-7124 250 220 1400 403 2.04
YY-8012 550 220 2800 786 3.76
YY-8022 750 220 2800 1042 5.00
YY-8014 370 220 1400 597 2.95
YY-8024 550 220 1400 860 4.25

YL series double-value capacitor single-phase motor performance parameter table

Models Output power(w) Voltage (v) Speed (rpm} Rated current (A) Efficiency (%)
YL-7112 370 220 2800 2.7 67
YL-7122 550 220 2800 3.9 70
YL-7114 250 220 1400 2 62
YL-7124 370 220 1400 2.8 65
YL-8012 750 220 2800 4.9 72
YL-8022 1100 220 2800 7 75
YL-8014 550 220 1400 4 68
YL-8024 750 220 1400 5.2 75
YL-90S-2 1500 220 2800 9.4 76
VL-90L-2 2200 220 2800 13.7 77
YL-90S-4 1100 220 1400 7.3 73
YL-90L-4 1500 220 1400 9.7 75
YL-100L1-2 3000 220 2800 18.2 79
YL-100L1-4 2200 220 1400 13.9 76
VL-100L2-4 3000 220 1400 13.6 77
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Our main products are special motors for reducers, YS series sub-horsepower motors, YE3, and YE4 high-efficiency energy-saving motors, YEJ brake motors, YVP variable frequency motors, YBX3 explosion-proof motors, YFB3 dust explosion-proof motor, ultra-high efficiency asynchronous starting permanent magnet synchronous motor series, ultra-high efficiency variable frequency drive permanent magnet synchronous motor, aluminum shell series motor and various special technologies The operation requires a motor. Products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, coal, petroleum, chemical, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, and other industries.


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Product Knowledge

Can the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor Withstand Worse Corrosion?

For the motor design and manufacturing industry, durability is a key factor that engineers and manufacturers continually strive to improve. One key area of focus is corrosion resistance, especially in harsh environments where moisture and oxygen can wreak havoc on metal components. This is where the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor shines, thanks to its aluminum casing that offers remarkable protection against corrosion.
Aluminum, as a material, possesses inherent properties that make it more resistant to corrosion than traditional materials like cast iron. The secret lies in how aluminum reacts with oxygen to form a protective oxide layer on its surface. Unlike iron, which forms a porous and vulnerable oxide layer (commonly known as rust), aluminum's oxide layer is impermeable to water and oxygen. This means that once the oxide layer forms, it acts as a barrier, preventing further corrosion from taking place.
But what sets the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor apart is not just its aluminum construction—it's also the advanced techniques used to enhance its corrosion resistance. Anodizing, an industrial process widely employed in aluminum manufacturing, further fortifies the protective oxide layer. During anodizing, the aluminum surface is subjected to an electrolytic process that thickens the oxide layer, creating a robust and long-lasting shield against corrosion.
Imagine a motor operating in a coastal area where salt-laden air is a constant threat. Traditional motors with cast iron casings may succumb to corrosion over time, leading to decreased performance and reliability. In contrast, the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor confidently withstands such challenges, thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties.
The implications of this enhanced durability are vast, extending beyond immediate cost savings on maintenance and replacements. Industries ranging from marine and offshore operations to manufacturing and agriculture benefit from equipment that can endure harsh conditions without compromising performance. The Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor not only meets but exceeds these expectations, providing peace of mind to engineers and operators alike.
Furthermore, the lightweight nature of aluminum contributes to overall energy efficiency, reducing the motor's carbon footprint while maintaining high performance standards. This synergy of durability, corrosion resistance, and environmental consciousness positions the Aluminum Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor as a frontrunner in modern motor technology.